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All packages put together for you contain the integration of Elastic Search

The idea for the ERP system ownERP, the web-based software application as a rental model, was born in our daily project business, as many customers want an ERP system with which they can start immediately without major adjustments. Likewise, renting instead of the classical purchase of a software is now common practice. Renting model and cloud solution are increasingly coming into focus precisely because of the low investment costs.

Based on the "Best Practice" of our Odoo ERP "MyOdoo" we initially put together three different packages that are adapted to the needs of the users. There is a suitable package for every requirement of the web-based software application. However, the cloud service packages have one thing in common: the MyOdoo Elastic Search

MyOdoo Elastic Search: Of course also for ownERP!

MyOdoo Elastic Search: Of course also for ownERP!

In contrast to the standard search of Odoo, the MyOdoo Elastic Search is much faster because it uses InMemory technology. All the above-mentioned areas are completely searched in a central location.

The frontend search searches through records like blog, products (if the shop is installed) and static pages. Unpublished pages / products will not appear in your search results. Another advantage, besides a faster search, is the greater range of searchable data. The search function of the website is completely replaced by the new MyOdoo Elastic Search Search.

You can test them right here on this website. Furthermore, the output of the search results is also overwritten, here an example with the new search result.

MyOdoo Elastic Search: Of course also for ownERP!

e-commerce to support products that are released for the web shop.

These products are regularly exported to ES-DB with Cronjob and stored for the webshop under an extra index, which can be specified in the settings for Elastic Search. These fields of the table product_template are exported:

  • Name (German, English)

  • No (number)

  • Sales text description (German, English)

  • Picture

  • List price

backend suche elastic search

This module contains a new and fast search function (ElasticSearch) in the backend, which uses an ElasticSearch-DB as a basis, all data is regularly exported to ElasticSearch-DB via cronjob and is included in the search.

The search supports these features: Precise search for Sale_orders: "AN-2017-01432" --> returns only the offer with "AN-2017-01432""AN-2017-0142*" --> returns all offers with "AN-2017-0142". There are 4 filter options supported: Customer(s), Supplier(s), Order / Orders and Quotation(s), Product(s)Example:Customer:SodomkaCustomers:SodomkaVendor:SodomkaVendors:SodomkaOrder:SodomkaQuotation:Sodomka

You can also use more than one entry in the search. Example:Sodo Uwe MartinCustomer: Sodo Uwe MartinCustomers: Sodo Uwe MartinSupplier: Sodo Uwe MartinSuppliers: Sodo Uwe Martin


Use the fast search engine of Elastic Search now also in your odoo system for website and backend.

Here also as video tutorial.


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